THURSDAY Biostatistical Seminar: Robin Andersson

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 14:30

Speaker: Robin Andersson, Assistant Professor, The Bioinformatics Centre, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Title: Characterisation of regulatory activities and active chromatin architectures from transcription initiation events

Note: This biostatistics seminar is jointly organised with the Sven Furberg Seminars in Bioinformatics and Statistical Genomics. At the end of the seminar simple food and refreshments will be served.

Abstract: The correct activities of gene regulatory elements and their interplay are essential for the correct coordinated transcriptional activities within a cell. Transcription is regulated in part by events at gene promoters and at gene-distal transcriptional enhancers, whose activities are influenced by local chromatin characteristics and favourable chromatin architectures bringing distant enhancers close to their target promoters in three-dimensional space.

In this talk, I will describe our efforts to characterise the inherent transcriptional activities at regulatory elements using Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) and how such data can be used as a proxy to infer the regulatory activities of a cell. I will further present our work on modelling regulatory architectures by decomposition of expression data into positionally dependent and independent components. The independent component carries information about promoter-localised and expression-level associated effects. The positional component is highly reflective of chromatin organisation, revealing chromatin compartments, boundaries of transcriptionally active topologically associating domains, and proximity interactions as defined by chromatin conformation capture data. In all, our work demonstrates a close relationship between transcription and higher order regulatory organisations.

Organizer: Oslo Centre for Biostatistics and Epidemiology (OCBE), Research group in Statistics and Biostatistics, Dept. of Mathematics, UiO, Big Insight and the Sven Furberg Seminars in Bioinformatics and Statistical Genomics

Forskningsparken (Oslo Science Park), HAGEN 3