Wednesday Lunch: Awesome Possum

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 12:00

Speaker: Aleksander Bai, Senior Research Scientist at Norsk Regnesentral

Title: Awesome Possum

Abstract: We will present the Awesome Possum project where the goal is to get rid of passwords. This is an innovation project involving Telenor, Signicat, NR, NTNU, and UPM. We want to use sensors in your mobile phone to identify and authenticate you, so you never have to type another password again. We will talk about which sensors we use, how we are gathering data and what we are doing with it. We will also discuss some of the issues we have by trying to fit models into the phone itself.

The lunch starts at 12:00, and the talk will start around 12:20.

NB: Wednesday BigInsight Lunches are open to staff and students from any of the BigInsight partners, including UiO, but not to others

Sverdrups plass (lunch area), 8th floor N. H. Abels hus, Department of Mathematics