About BigInsight

Vision and Objectives

Fulfilling the promise of the big data revolution, the center produces analytical tools to extract knowledge from complex data and deliver BigInsight. Despite extraordinary advances in the collection and processing of information, much of the potential residing in contemporary data sources remains unexploited.

There is a dramatic scope for industries, companies and nations – including Norway – to create value from employing novel ways of analysing complex data. The complexity, diversity and dimensionality of the data, and our partner’s innovation objectives, pose fundamentally new challenges to statistical inference. We develop original, cutting-edge statistical, mathematical and machine learning methods, produce high-quality algorithms implementing these approaches and thereby deliver new, powerful, and operational solutions.

BigInsight’s research converges on two central innovation themes:

  • personalised solutions: to move away from operations based on average and group behaviour towards individualized actions
  • predicting transient phenomena: to forecast the evolution of unstable phenomena for system or populations, which are not in equilibrium, and to design intervention strategies for their control

Our solutions are significantly better than the state-of-the-art, thanks to brilliant, courageous and creative generic methodologies that extract knowledge from complex data. Generic methodology and their new applications are published on international scientific journals.

Through training, capacity building and outreach, BigInsight contributes to growth and progress in the private and public sector, in science and society at large, preparing a new generation of statisticians and machine learners ready for the knowledge based economy of the future.

Innovation themes and BigInsight’s objectives

The industrial, business and public partners of BigInsight have different core activities, yet they shall unite in the centre to attack together a set of common challenges, the solution of which will shape their coming years and their enterprise identities:     

  1. The first common theme for our partners is to offer a radically new collection of products, services and instruments that adapt to and target individual needs and conditions, thus providing dramatically improved quality and efficacy. Identifying highly specific segments allows tailoring products and services more precisely. From each partner’s perspective, individual stands for customer, user, patient, citizen, ship, company, sensor, smart power meter, tax payer, etc 
  2. The second common objective for our partners is to empower their own decisions with precise predictions of critical quantities, which are unstable and in dynamic transition, in order to enable intervention and control. Again, the future quantities for each partner are different –customer retention probabilities, cancer survival, electricity prices, probability of success of a new product, recovered taxes, service reliability, etc. 

Therefore BigInsight identifies two Central Innovation Themes:

that mirror these key challenges and are supported by high quality data of unprecedented availability, at the needed scales. Click on these themes in blue above to find out more.


The traditional tool box of statistics and machine learning will be the fundamental resource, among others in these areas: clustering, focused inference, functional data analysis, graphical models, hierarchical Bayesian models, data integration, model comparison and model improvement, multiple testing, multivariate dependence and copula models, extreme value theory, non-parametric Bayes, non-stationary and non-linear stochastic processes and time series, sequential inference, stochastic geometry and space time models, subsampling and data thinning.